Club president: We are not a one sport club

Club president: We are not a one sport club

date : 17-10-2016

Club's president Sheikh Jassim bin Thamer Al Thani assiduous in receiving Malik Saleem, the newest basketball star to join the club.

A press conference was held specifically for this occasion in which Jassim Al Mansouri, General Secretary at the club and Saleh Mabrook, Basketball director were present.
Sheikh Jassim said on the occasion: Malik is a well known player and I am certain he will reinforce our basketball squad ahead of several tournaments in Qatar and abroad.
He then added: We wish to celebrate by the end of the season, we work according to a strategy put by former chairman Sheikh Hamad bin Thamer, since 2001, we as a club decided to focus on all sports and not to be labeled as a one sport club, I am personally thankful for all the hard work done by the basketball sector.